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If you want a free game you should do what is below

Hello everyone, you probably already heard about our site But if not, read the article carefully and after a while Your Steam collection will grow quickly :))

What are we doing?

  1. We are Comparing game priceses
  2. If you was waiting long for wanted game, but the price bites — why overpay? Just find the best deals for yourself on our website

  3. We publish cool discounts on games (called: game deals)
  4. See this page regularly. New cool deals regularly appear here and Many games can be obtained completely free.

    But why should you use our website?

    For your activity you get levels and coins with you can use to get the price.

    Here are the level rewards:

    • 1 Level — Eneba discount code 10%
    • 2 Level — Steam gift card 5 Eur
    • 3 Level — Steam gift card 10 Eur
    • 4 Level — Steam gift card 15 Eur
    • 5 Level — Steam gift card 20 Eur

Activity is two things:

  1. Put likes on deal
  2. For one like you get 1 coin and 1 exp. To get 2 Level you need 200 exp. But the limit is 3 likes per day.

  3. Add deals
  4. Everyone has the opportunity to add a discount. If you find a cool discount on the game on the Internet — share it with others

    For 1 deal added you will get +5 exp and +5 coins after 20 likes, after 50 likes again 5 exp and 5 coins and after 100 likes 10 exp and 10 coins.

    You probably have a question — “What to do with coins?”

    For coins you get cool gifts

    Except Steam additions also available are coupons for Xbox, PS4 and even cryptocurrencies. Each of you can choose a lot of interesting things.

    Tell your friends about us :)