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How to get free games on G2Troll

Read the article carefully and after a while your games collection will grow quickly!

What do we do?

  1. We compare game prices
  2. If you're waiting for a long time for your desired game - check our website everyday, to find the best deal!

  3. We publish many discounts on games (called: game deals)
  4. Visit our page regularly - new deals regularly appear here and many games can be obtained with zero effort!

    But why should you use our website?

    For your activity you get levels and GCoins which you can use to get valuable rewards!

    Here are the level rewards:

    • 1 Level — Eneba discount code 10%
    • 2 Level — Steam gift card 5 EUR
    • 3 Level — Steam gift card 10 EUR
    • 4 Level — Steam gift card 15 EUR
    • 5 Level — Steam gift card 20 EUR

You can farm GCoins:

  1. By upvoting the best deals
  2. Every like grants you 1 GCoin and 1 exp.
    You need 200 exp to reach Level 2. The limit is 3 likes per day.

  3. By adding awesome deals by yourself
  4. Everyone has the opportunity to add a great offer. If you find it — share it with others and farm GCoins!

    For every deal that has more than 20 likes, you will be rewarded with +5 exp and +5 GCoins. After 50 likes you gain 5 exp and 5 GCoins again. After 100 likes you will receive 10 exp and 10 GCoins!

    You might have a question — “What to do with GCoins?”

    You can exchange GCoins for awesome rewards!

    We have plenty of other coupons such as Xbox, PS+ and even cryptocurrencies. You can find rewards just for you!

    Don't forget to visit our site everyday!