Best Gaming Deals

How to get GCoins on G2troll?

We have prepared 3 short tips for you, which will allow you to acquire coins even quickier on G2troll!

  1. Press “like” button on the deal that is hot - for each click you will get a coin and experience. You can like a deal only once. Every day you can like up to 3 deals.
  2. If you find a deal at a better price than on - quickly add it, so you’ll get an extra 5 coins and 5 exp.
  3. Add a deal, share with your friends and pick up extra coins! The more likes you get, the greater the reward will be!

      20 likes - 5 more coins!

      50 likes - 5 more coins!

      100 likes - 10 more coins!

Don’t forget that your activity on G2troll will be rewarded with coins - and every coin brings you closer for a reward!

You can exchange coins collected for a GiftCard - check our list of GiftCards below!

The more people will like the deal, the more GCoins and experience you will get!

Once you collect 300 GCoins and exchange it for 5 Euro steam giftcard! Don't forget to check other GCoin exchange options in the rewards section!

Create your own set of best gaming deals, get levels, swap coins for gift cards, and your game collection will grow fast!