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G2troll - Affiliate program


Let the others work for you — join our affiliate program and get the best gaming deals completely for free!

Every player dreams of having a best gaming offers for free. On our site, you can get the best games for exchange of the coins that you earn on upvoting or adding new deals. Suppose that you could invite your friends to join you and earn coins for you. That would be great..

In fact, we are happy to announce that our affiliate program has just launched, and you can invite your friends to help you upvoting your gaming deals, so you can get extra coins, that can be easily redeemed for a various of giftcards!

Here’s how to do it:

Firstly, you need to visit our site and check the “affiliate” panel in your account ( You should see a screen like below:


Now, you need to think of a reflink that you want to have generated, and create it!


That’s it! Now, you’re a proud owner of a reflink, which you can share with your friends to get them work for you.

You will get a coin every time your friend upvotes a deal, or adds a new one.

Now, you and your friends can visit everyday to publish new deals and upvote them, so you can exchange your coins for a gaming giftcards.

Create your own set of best gaming deals, get levels, swap coins for gift cards, and your game collection will grow fast!